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The Future

We are proud of the business we have established and of the people we work with. We now wish to build on that great base and to expand our business with new investment projects and the introduction of additional funding partners.

Acquire new properties – The Property Merchant Group is continually seeking further properties offering opportunities for value enhancement, particularly in our core Central London and East Midlands, east Anglia and South East markets. The message is essentially "more of the same, preferably bigger, and preferably more of them."

Joint ventures with owners – with our expertise and substantial track record we can also offer the same skills to owners of such properties, on the basis that we would share in the value improvement we create.

Funding/investment – we welcome prospective investors and financiers wishing to commit substantial funds to the London market in partnership with a proven specialist operator.

There is no doubt the current market conditions, including the significant correction in values over the past year or so, will have left many investors, owners and, perhaps most particularly, banks and other financiers sitting on real estate assets requiring professional management and, typically, the injection of additional capital. While The Property Merchant Group has no intention of leaping onto the bandwagon of former developers trying, desperately, to reinvent themselves as distressed asset managers, generously offering their "services" to banks and others, there will, inevitably, be situations where, working with the right parties, PMG's resources, expertise and capital will ensure real value recovery, to mutual benefit.