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Our view on environmental sustainability is quite simple: it is here, it is real and it is not going to go away. It is something we place at the very core of our business, not as an optional extra or a pretty decoration. It is based on meeting the demands of our customers and those customers are our occupiers, our partners and our long term investors, all motivated by the same long term objectives. Those objectives are reducing carbon emissions and pollution and saving costs, all underpinned by ever increasing legislative requirements such as the Companies Act, Carbon Reduction Commitment etc.

Our approach to environmental sustainability takes a number of practical forms:-

  1. Ensuring that our buildings, whether new developments/refurbishments or whether existing buildings, or through ongoing asset management, achieve the highest environmental standards. With high environmental standard synonymous with reducing occupational costs, through measures such as energy monitoring, insulation and materials choice, customers’ needs, financially and in terms of their environmental commitments, both social and legislative, are met. If we meet our customers’ needs we will have a better and more profitable business.
  2. We have taken a significant stake in Optimal Monitoring, a real time energy and utility monitoring company which we believe has the best product in the marketplace for delivering cost savings, reduction in carbon footprints and compliance with legislation, by facilitating both plant optimisation and user engagement to achieve behavioural change
  3. Through our Developing Beyond Carbon venture we are undertaking serious environmental projects with a firm economic motive such as anaerobic digestion and eco-synergy parks. The Property Merchant Group is also advancing, through that initiative, innovation in areas such as biofuels, renewable energy, fuel cells, waste disposal and recycling, as well as habitat mitigation and banking, either directly or through our venture capital investment.

The Property Merchant Group is, unquestionably, at the forefront of action on sustainability within the property market. As well as our personal and corporate commitments to the environment we see a real business imperative and incentive to ensure all our projects achieve the highest environmental standards. We see our future as taking property development and asset management “beyond carbon”. We are leaders in the creation, financing, construction and management of commercial property to reduce its impact on the environment, enabling our buildings to contribute significantly to the environmental commitments of occupiers and owners. Occupiers and long term investors are increasingly focused on a property’s environmental credentials as, indeed, is legislation, and there is no doubt that premium values may be attracted, in both rental and capital terms, from achieving required standards. Indeed, research in the United States, by the Green Building Council, already proves this. Property companies which fail to address these issues will, conversely, see values hit and their properties becoming less attractive.

Environmental issues are now more than just a speculative option for property development. Addressing the reality of climate change, water use and impacts on ecosystems are core values for The Property Merchant Group. We see environmental considerations as critical to the generation of sustainable economic growth; our approach to these issues is based on complete transparency about our impacts and independent audits of our claims.

We try and avoid phrases like “corporate social responsibility”, “responsible property investment” etc. as too often these are simply “greenwash” – worthy sounding statements, completely unsupported by any real action. To be of any use, sustainability must be sustained, it must sustainable. It is about real and sustained action, to be sustainable must be based on a proper rationale and an understanding of why it is done.

Director, Richard Burge, is specifically charged with promoting our own sustainability strategy; seeking to ensure we set the highest standards for our industry and that we maintain them ourselves. "We will be transparent about the impact we do have on the environment, and will ensure that any claim we make for reducing that impact will stand up to rigorous independent scrutiny. It is far better to seek to achieve real advances and high standards in this area, even at the risk of falling short from time to time, than to simply pretend this huge challenge will disappear".

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