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Social Sustainability

Economic sustainability is not achieved without social sustainability; for instance, London will simply not function economically without the key workers on which it relies to supply vital services. Without affordable housing those key workers will just not be able to afford to live in London, a challenge which, in its modest way, The Property Merchant Group helps to address through developments such as Newman Street and Calderwood Street.

Steve Black, Director of The Property Merchant Group, writing in the Evening Standard, expressing concern that the provisions of new affordable homes in London should not grind to a near halt, said “Developers such as ourselves are working to meet our responsibilities for urban regeneration. My own company’s latest development, just north of Oxford Circus, entails an innovative “use swap” which provides for a number of affordable homes in nearby Newman Passage as part of our planning agreement with Westminster Council……. partnership means more than one body – it is time public bodies showed greater commitment”.