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Educational Sustainability

We believe there are two aspects to educational sustainability: the better educated the country and its workforce, the stronger the economy and, therefore, the better the returns which should be generated from investing in the real estate which houses and supports that economy; and, secondly, the need to support, and continually improve, real estate education standards for the long term good of the property industry.

In terms of general education, it must be recognised that major new developments can have, potentially, a major impact on the educational resources, i.e. schooling, in a local area. An influx of new residents, for instance, either directly as with a new residential development or indirectly, attracted by major new commercial activity, can often put significant pressure on local schools.

When The Property Merchant Group converted 30 Calderwood Street in Woolwich, London SE18 to 224 apartments we agreed with the London Borough of Greenwich to make a capital contribution towards the provision of new educational facilities.

We believe it is also important to give people some insight into business both as a general objective and to help with their career choices. The Property Merchant Group has a long tradition of taking students on work experience, whether from general education or further, specific, real estate education. We have also recently introduced a graduate training programme.

James Bowdidge was a Founder Director of The Reading Real Estate Foundation. RREF is funded by alumni and major organisations in the property industry and supports the continued improvement of real estate education at the University of Reading.

The Property Merchant Group has made a significant donation to the construction of the new Real Estate & Planning Faculty as part of the Henley Business School at the University.

Members of The Property Merchant Group are regular participants, speakers or contributors to conferences, lectures, debates, magazines and other publications. Most recently, Richard Burge and James Bowdidge were keynote speakers at the Imagine conference held on the Isle of Wight.